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   Wow. Is it just me or do the years seem to go by faster and faster. We are coming up on Thanksgiving already. Playoff teams will get a week to prepare for the playoffs.
 I am always amazed when team show up to their game and realize they do not have enough players so they start to come up with reasons on why the game should be cancelled. Hoping that they can avoid the forfiet. Trust me I can understand the ploy but sometimes it gets a little old. This weekend I heard from a few teams that after getting to the field said that it was too windy to play. Now it really was windy and you know the wind was gonna affect the game but the game was still set to go on. I heard it was really bad in Fontana but the entire Fontana league schedule was played.
 Come on guys. If your gonna lose because of a forfeit, don't complain about the field, umpires, weather, or whatever else you can come up with.


"The great trouble with baseball today is that most of the players are in the game for the money and that's it, not for the love of it, the excitement of it, the thrill of it. "

"Ty Cobb"

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League Leaders

After 13 games

1.   Pericos165
2.   Tampa Bay Rays159
3.   Creekside Grizzlies154
4.   Upland A's144
5.   Pomona Devils143
6.   Scorpions142
7.   IE Marlins138
8.   Twins136
9.   Los Rancheros127
10. Pomona Aguilas125

1.   Pacific Tires58
2.   Pericos59
3.   Upland Twins60
4.   Creekside Grizzlies63
5.   Cucamonga Royals67
6.   Twins69
7.   Los Doyers71
8.   Pomona Marlins77
8.   So Cal Dodgers77
10. RC Dodgers79

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Breaking ties

Tie breaking rules

Since there are some very close playoff races, I wanted to again go over some tie breaking rules. It seems like this season we've had more than our share of tie games. Since alot of them happen in the 2nd half of the season they will most likely not be replayed. So let go over some playoff scenerios. People have asked why we don't use winning percentage to break ties. I really don't have a reason why we haven't gone to percentages. I guess thats something we can talk about for next season. For this season we will follow the same rules we have always used which is the "games back" method.

Tie Breakers so far

If the season was to end today

This are the ties so far and how they would go if the season was to end today.

  The Twins hold the tie breaker over the Grizzlies because they swept the season series 2-0.

  Los Doyers hold the tie breakers over the Detroit Tigers because they swept the season series 2-0.

  Pacific Tires holds the tie breakers over both the RC Dodgers and Dukes if they were to end in a two way tie.

  The Dukes hold the tie breaker over the RC Dodgers.

  The Scorpions hold the tie breaker over the Tampa Bay Rays. The Scorpions and IE Marlins split the season series so they will come down to best run differential.

  The Tampa Bay Rays hold the tie breaker over the IE Marlins.

Who is HOT/NOT

Active Winning/Losing Streaks

Winning Streaks
Pericos are on a 12 game winning streak.
The Upland Twins have not lost in 10 games.
Pacific Tires have won 9 straight games

Losing Streaks
The Fontana Angels are winless in the last 10 games
Team Mexico are on a 9 game losing streak.
Los Potros are winless in the last 5 games.

Final Weekend

Playoff races

 In the AAA Division the Upland Twins are set as the #1 seed no matter what. The Upland A's can secure the #2 seed with a victory over the Cucamonga Royals. I believe that the A's are in the playoffs no matter what happens this weekend but you never know with all of the possible outcomes. If the Royals lose and the Bruins win, I believe the Royals are out of the playoffs.
 In the AA Division the Twins only have to defeat the Detroit Tigers to take the division title. The Creekside Grizzlies are set to make the playoffs and could end up the division champions if the Twins falter. The Detroit Tigers need to defeat the Twins to have a chance to make the playoffs. Los Doyers still have a chance at the playoffs but they will need help.
 In the A Division I have Pomona Devils and Rancheros in the playoffs no matter what. The Pomona Aguilas can cinch a playoff spot if they can defeat the So Cal Braves. If they lose it will come down to Run Differential. The Corona Reds, Washington Nationals, and Vaqueros will have to win if they want a chance to make the playoffs. In theory the So Cal Braves and Chino Pacific might still have a playoff chance but its so complex that I will leave it alone.
 In the AB Division I think that Pacific Tires have already cinched the division title. The RC Dodgers and Dukes have also secured their playoff spots. The Frontier Rangers have the toughest or maybe the easiest route. The Rangers must defeat Pacific Tires to have a chance at the playoffs. This goes also to the Pomona Marlins and Rio Florido. I think any of these teams that lose are gonna be left out.
 In the B Division the Pericos, Scorpions, and Tampa Bay Rays are set for the playoffs. The IE Marlins are in charge of the the last playoff spot. If they beat the WC Knights they are in, if they lose they will most likely be out and give the last spot to the Tigers.

Turkey Tournament

November 29 & 30

  Ok We have finally finalized. The cost will be $150. The price was a little more than what I wanted but the field rental people, t-shirts people and so on want to get paid. So this is the best we could come up with. I will list teams as they pay on this page. The tournament will be a single elimination. This means every team will get to play 2 games. Winners to receive a trophy and T-shirts.

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November 18, 2014

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