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What the heck .....

   Well we finally got game 3 in and it was a beautiful California day. We have the our first standings posted. We now have our uniform and Roster rules in effect. We have new umpires in the AAA division.
  I think we are in good position to have a good season.
  I've been asked about Ontario High School. What we have been told is that they fields are not ready and they have not hired a new Baseball coach. So I think we are in position to go back to Ontario probably next season.
  I'm hoping that we won't need to make any divisional changes as of right now I think all teams are where they should be.


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Power Rankings

Thru game 3

1.   So Cal A's45
2.   RC Dodgers41
2.   WC Knights41
4.   Fontana Angels37
5.   So Cal Mariners35

1.   RC Dodgers  7
2.   NY Mets  8
2.   So Cal Pirates  8
4.   Mexico10
4.   Los Rancheros10
4.   Colt 45's10


DJ for hire

Summer time is party time. Whether its a pool party or just a birtday party. Jose usually has quite a few gigs lined up already. So anyone interested in contracting Jose to do some DJ, call him to reserve today. He has all the other stuff like lights and smoke and whatever you need. Give him a call.

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After 3 games

What have we learned so far

In the AAA division the surprise so far has to be the NY Mets. I don't think anyone expected them to be 3-0 so far. Our new team Mexico looks like they will be a strong contender. The Quakes look like they are gonna needs a few more players.
  In the AA division the So Cal Dodgers have reloaded and look like they will be in the hunt all season long. The Rancho Astros won 5 games all last season but have already won their first 3 games of the season. The Pomona Devils and Grizzlies look like they are struggling.
  In the A division the Dukes moved up a division but so far they haven't figured out the A division. The Rancheros look like they have gotten stronger and will make a deep run in the playoffs.
  In the AB division the RC Dodgers are trying to forget last seasons playoff drought. The So Cal Mariners are a new team and look like they will be in the division race at the end of the season. The Pericos are struggling again.
 In the B1 division the IE Bombers are off to a great start. The Fontana Angels look alot stronger this season. This division may be the toughest. The Bucaneros are struggling again.
  In the B2 division the WC Knights are off to another strong start like last season. The Riverside Dodgers are a new team that has some early season problems. The So Cal Pirates look like they might be a strong contender this season.


Wood bat experiment

The wood bat division so far has been successful.


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July 28, 2015

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August 25, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.

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Behind McDonald's


August 2, 2015 Game 4

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