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What the heck .....

   Its official we will be having a new team joining the AAA division. I will be making a few changes to the divisions nothing big. Just trying to save some teams and not only that but we will finally be able to get rid of the bye for the B division.
  There are some teams that still have a balance due. Those teams need to contact us and make arrangements to either pay or no longer play this season.


"I love to play baseball. I'm a baseball player. I've always been a baseball player. I'm still a baseball player. That's who I am."
"Ryne Sandberg"

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Hit by Pitch

Hit by MLB fastball

What happens when you get hit in the face with a Major league fastball? Who says baseball isn't dangerous?

All Star game

Memorial weekend

I still haven't decided how we will play out the All Star game. If we will play against another league or have an interleague All Star game. Regardless of who we play against, we will start making arrangements to find a field and a couple of umpires. We have at least one manager that has volunteered so we still need one more.
 A few season ago we had some competitions like who was the fastest or threw the hardest. What do you think? Should we try it again?

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April 14, 2014

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May 13, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

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