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   Well it looks like we finally have put the rain behind us now and we can now concentrate on the playoff races. Some of the races are pretty much settled but there are others that will probably come down to the last game.
  We get complaints all the time about our uniform rule. While I understand the problems it can cause a team but in all. I think that the rule is good for our league. I've been involved in other leagues were there is no uniform or roster rules. I think it makes the league look crappy.
  As a manager, I always carried extra jerseys for those one time players. By the same token, some teams want to win at any cost and will complain about discolored piping on pants or belts. This is not a lawyer league, but a Sunday have fun baseball league. There is a fine line between protesting about an illegal player and protesting a player with the wrong colored belt.


"I told my wife the truth. I told her I was seeing a psychiatrist. Then she told me the truth: that she was seeing the gardener, two plumbers, and a bartender."

"Rodney Dangerfield"

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League Leaders

Thru 10 games

TOP Ranked Teams

 1.   Calif Reds.982 
 2.   Los Mineros.913 
 3.   Los Vaqueros.897 
 4.   So Cal Pirates.816 
 5.   DBacks.807 
 6.   Pericos.759 
 7.   Ontario Royals.744
 8.   Calif Angels.741 
 9.   Ontario Nationals.729 
9.   Rays.729

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Sunday Baseball rules

Do you agree?

I found these rules for Sunday baseball. I thought some were funny and some were appropriate. What do you think?

5. Thou Shall not Argue with the Umpire
If you argue with the umpire for more than two consecutive seconds you should be banned from all baseball leagues across the country. Most baseball umpires are 60 year-old men who are just trying to get away from their wives and make a few extra bucks. These guys aren’t professionals and neither are you, so don’t make an ass out of yourself by getting into a screaming match with the ump.

4. Thou Shall not Play More than Twice a Week
I love playing baseball but I will not play more than twice in a given week and neither should you. If you’ re playing baseball, you’re probably in your 30’s and 40’s and therefore have lots of responsibilities (job, wife, kids etc). Don’t neglect those responsibilities because you’re playing a 162- game schedule.

3. Love Thy Teammate
This should really apply to sports at all levels, but especially with Sunday baseball. Any baseball team is likely to have a wide range of skilled players on the team. Don’t be overly critically of a player if he boots a ball or pops up with the bases loaded. Yelling at another player on your own team is likely to get you punched in the face. Just remember that it’s SUNDAY BASEBALL, this isn’t the World Series. No one will care about the outcome five minutes after the completion of the game. So don’t be a dick. Just keep the comments to yourself.

2. Honor Thy Commitment to Baseball
I keep saying that its baseball and you shouldn’t take it too seriously. On the other hand, it’s important to stay committed to the team. Your team is there to have fun but they also want to win. Ditching your team because you got too drunk last night is NOT COOL. I didn’t wake up at 8:00 am on a Sunday only to find out the game is cancelled because we didn’t have enough people show up. If you’re hung over, TOO BAD—Suck it up. There’s a good chance half the people playing are hung over also, so it should make for an even playing field.

1. Thou Shall Not Take Baseball so Seriously
I know I have reiterated this point to death but it’s FUCKING SUNDAY BASEBALL. Do not take it so seriously! This is the GOLDEN RULE of Sunday Baseball and it sums up all the other commandments. You are NOT allowed to throw gloves, kick bats, use profanity, yell at umps and teammates or start brawls. This isn’t your high school division championship game or a college tryout. There are no scouts or parents in the stands. There is no media and no statistics. This is an OLD MAN SUNDAY BASEBALL LEAGUE. You’re here to have fun! Just keep that in mind the next time you boot a ground ball.

Playoff Rosters

Game 10 deadline

Playoff rosters are now set. Player pictures for playoff teams are due before the playoffs. Teams that add players before the start of the playoff will not be playoff eligible.

Playoff Races

Thru 10 games

In the AA division almost everything has been decided. The Devils are out and the Rays, Cubs, Toros, and Braves are pretty much in the playoffs. The only thing that can change that is if the NY Mets get hot and either the Braves or Toros totally go down the drain losing at least 3 out of the last 4 games.
  In the A division the Pirates and Royals are one win away from clinching playoff spots. The RC Dodgers and Charros are out. The Pacific Tires, NY Yaquis, Bucaneros, and Chino Pacific will have to figure out the last two playoff spots. Technically Kekambas and Rancheros still have a shot but they too will have to pretty much win out and get some help from other teams.  
In the AB division the Calif Reds are just cruzing to the playoffs. The Ontario Nationals, Pericos, Leones, and Calif Angels are in a tight race for the remaining playoff spots. This division will most likely come down to tie breaker rules. This makes the Leones as the team most likely left out.
  In the B divisions the Dbacks and SGV Titans are 1 win away from clinch playoff spots. The Mineros just can't lose the Vaqueros. The Vaqueros are now just one game behind the Mineros. Not that it matters much. The division loser will most likely become the wild card team.

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March 29, 2017

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May 9, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

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April 2, 2017    Game 11

Extra Batter Rule
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Players Suspended

Team: Colt 45's

Player:  Jesus Reyes
Duration:   Indefinitely
                  Contact with an umpire

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