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   The games are starting to mean more as we approach the end of our season. In the AAA division, the race for the last 2 spots is going to come down to the wire. Of the 3 teams I see the Bruins with a slightly better offense than the others but I think the Dodgers and Royals have better pitching than the Bruins. This should be fun.
  Some how the Rancheros have been able to hang onto 1st place for a while but will they be able to bring home the division title?
 The RC Dodgers, Pacific Tires, and Dukes are in a dead heat for the division title. I think Pacific Tires have a little better pitching and have an ever so slight advantage but we will see.
  Which will happen first? Will the Pericos lose their first game or will the Fontana Angels win their first game?
  Please don't forget to move your clocks back one hour this weekend.


"I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be."

"Ken Venturi"

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After 11 games

1.   Creekside Grizzlies139
2.   Tampa Bay Rays134
3.   Upland A's133
4.   Pericos130
5.   Scorpions125
5.   IE Marlins125
7.   Pomona Devils121
8.   Los Rancheros111
9.   Twins110
10. Dukes109
10.   RC Dodgers109

1.   Creekside Grizzlies46
2.   Upland Twins50
3.   Pericos51
4.   Twins54
5.   Pacific Tires57
6.   Tigers61
7.   Cucamonga Royals64
7.   So Cal Dodgers64
9.   Pomona Marlins65
10. Upland A's68
10. RC Dodgers68

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Playoff Races

What I see so far

In the AAA the Upland Twins and Upland A's are pretty much set for the playoffs. The other two spots are still up for grabs. The Royals have a tie with the Upland Twins that I don't think will be replayed. So this will either help them or hurt them in their playoff run. The So Cal Dodgers and Upland Bruins will battle for a playoff spot the last 3 games of the year.
  In the AA the Creekside Grizzlies and Twins are the cream of the division. They will be in the playoffs and the Astros can join them with at least one more game win this season. The fun part will be the battle between the Detroit Tigers and Los Doyers for the last playoff spot.
In the A division with almost the entire division still have playoff chances. The Nationals and So Cal Braves will have the most difficult path to the playoffs but technically they still have a chance.
In the AB division has the best division champion race. We have three teams tied for 1st. The RC Dodgers, Pacific Tires, and the Dukes are set for the playoffs but who will take the division title? The last spot is also a three way tie between the Pomona Marlins, Rio Florido, and Frontier Rangers.
In the B division the Pericos need one more win to take the B division title. The Scorpions are close to cinching a playoff spot. The Tampa Bay Rays and IE Marlins are one game ahead of the Tigers. This division will probably be settle in the next two weeks.

Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving tournament

  Thanksgiving is coming up and we are getting ready for our 2nd annual Turkey bowl tournament. The fees are not yet finalized but we are taking reservations. I think we can fit 8 teams maybe more. The tournament will be a double elimination. This means every team will get to play no less than 2 games and no more than 4 games to win it all. As the details become finalized, I will post them.

Daylight Savings

Spring Forward Fall Back

Day light savings is set to end this weekend. Please remember to move your clock back one hour Saturday night or else teams will arrive an hour early.

Power Rankings

TOP 10 teams

1.   Creekside Grizzlies (AA).970
2.   Pericos (B).930
3.   Twins (AA).852
4.   Upland A's (AAA).822
5.   RC Dodgers (AB).813
5.   Pacific Tires (AB).797
7.   Upland Twins (AAA).789
8.   Dukes (AB).781
9.   Pomona Devils (A).690
10. Tampa Bay Rays (B).680

This is the rankings of all teams. Teams are sorted by wins, runs scored, and runs allow. Each catagory is given a value and the total values are added up. Teams with power rankings above .9 are A caliber teams and teams with .8 and above are B caliber teams and so on.
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October 29, 2014

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