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   We are now in full swing of our Summer season. We have some very interesting divisions already. The B East division looks like nobody wants to win while the B West looks like all four teams will have a chance to take the division title.
  I noticed there are a few teams left that haven't picked up their league baseballs. Please don't wait until game day to try to pick up your baseballs.
 There are still a few teams that haven't put a roster. Those teams, please send in your rosters to avoid problems.


"When I die, I want to go peacefully like my grandfather did–in his sleep. Not yelling and screaming like the passengers in his car."

"Bob Monkhouse"

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  You will have to confirm with a reply. The link below sends you to the sign up page.
  Click here Join Aztec Baseball League text alerts on RainedOut The system will ask if you want to join a specific group. For now we are NOT using any groups.

League Leaders

After 4 games

1.   Bridge City Boozers49
2.   Yaquis47
3.   Los Vaqueros46
4.   Upland Athletics44
4.   Monitronics44

1.   Mineros  7
2.   Durham Bulls13
3.   Expos15
4.   Huracanes16
5.   Diamondbacks19
5.   So Cal Mariners19
5.   Calif Reds19
5.   So Cal Braves19

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What position is yours?

Thoughts by Casey Stengel

The Baseball Position you play says about you by Casey Stengel
You are simultaneously the most serious and the goofiest guy on the team. You're serious on game day because you play the most demanding position on the field. The pitcher is the most important player in team sports. You're also a complete goofball.
You make the best friends, spouses and—eventually—coaches. Why? Communication. You talk to coaches every inning. That means you learned to talk to adults at a young age. You know how to settle a pitcher down. You work the ump for strikes. You set the infield. You remember the other team's tendencies and know how to take advantage of them. Lots of strategy and politicking. A good catcher talks to just about everybody on the field.
First Base
No offense, and this isn't always the case, but you are usually a coach's son or one of the lesser-skilled players on the team—someone whose interest in baseball and picking dandelions runs about 50/50. That's not to say there aren't great first basemen. There are. And maybe you're one of them. You might be an athletic fielder who can outstretch Van Damme and save a fellow infielder when he goes all Ricky Vaughn on a routine grounder. But in many cases, you are just good enough defensively to avoid screwing things up. Your saving grace: first basemen are often among the best sluggers on the team and can smack the crud out of the ball at the plate.
Second Base
Small. Angry. Overlooked. As the shortstop's runner-up, you have a chip on your shoulder. So you grit your teeth, swear you'll prove everybody wrong. The chip on your shoulder grows larger over time.
Shortstops are reliable. You're consistent. You field grounder after grounder, day after day. The virtue of repetition is drilled into your skull. You discover early in life the secret to success is logging the hours every day and slowly improving. When you can make the tough play look easy, you can make the impossible possible.
Third Base
You are generally not the brightest guy on the team. Third base is a reacting position. Fielding hard grounders and line drives is like being punched with the ball. All of the characteristics that make someone a good boxer—light feet, quick hands, lack of concern for your well-being—also make you a good third baseman. But like most lunks, the third baseman has a big heart, which is why you're also the most reliable guy on the team—on the field and off. No statistics back this up, but if a stranger ever helped you change a tire or returned your wallet after you lost it, odds are he was a third baseman.
Right Field
Not much happens in right field. Most people assume you are just a cannon arm activated by a shriveled monkey brain. But still waters run deep, and you are a far more complex individual than you get credit for. All the time you spend standing around in the outfield gives you the freedom to contemplate life's many mysteries—like Why are we here? What does it all mean? and How come some dogs walk in circles before they lie down? The right fielder is the team philosopher. He's the kid who doesn't say much, but when he does, it's inspirational, hilarious or deep. Center Field
Typically the flashiest guy on the team. Your cleats are brighter. Your socks are higher. Your sunglasses are more reflective. Your car is nicer than the coach's. Center field is a glamorous position. A team gets its swagger from you. You're responsible for covering the largest area on the field. Much like a shutdown corner in football, this requires the services of a player who thinks he can do far more than he actually can. But it's your unflinching willingness to go over the wall, make the dive or rifle the ball home that sets you apart from the rest of the team. Centerfielders have a very high opinion of themselves. No one should blame you. You have to think highly of yourself.
Left Field
Left field is the Arby's of baseball positions. No one plans to be there. You just kind of end up there for some reason and you're not sure why. This fact is not lost on you. As the guy who plays the least physically demanding position on the field, you are quite aware that your place on the team hangs by the thinnest of threads. One dropped ball or an o-for-12 slump and you are on the bench. So you naturally develop interests outside of baseball. In a nutshell: You are someone who has read the entire "List of Vampire Traits in Folklore and Fiction" Wikipedia page and can talk about it at length.

Playoffs Wins

How many wins for the playoffs?

I was looking at the playoffs last season and this is what I found. 16 teams made the playoffs. The average win total for playoff teams was about 9 wins. The least amount of wins and still made the playoffs was 8 wins. The three champions came into the playoffs with 8,9 and 12 wins.
 So teams that are having early troubles winning. Remember there are 10 games left and you only need about 8 wins to make the playoffs.

Baseball Humor

Bring in the reliever

News and Events

July 19, 2017

Next League meeting

August 8, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

Michael Angelo's Pizza Restaurant
2467 S. Euclid ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 984-5161
Behind McDonald's


July 23, 2017   Game 5

Extra Batter Rule
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