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   We have finally made it to the big game. We have some very interesting matchups. The Phillie/Royal matchup looks like either team can win it. The Phillies will have to win this Sunday if they want to get to the Championship game.
  The Diamondbacks will get another shot at the big trophy after they were upset last season by the Aguilas. The Creekside Grizzlies have already defeated the Grizzlies and I'm sure they feel confident they can do it again and bring home their first championship.
  The Magueyes have faced the Titans twice this season and have swept the season series. The question is do the Titans have another great game in them? I guess we will find out.


"This game is won 90 feet at a time."
"Steve Stone"

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Jiame Gonalez
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Javier Fabela
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A, B

Valentin Cruz
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Mike Fortunato
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Javier Fabela
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Rosala Diaz
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James McIntire
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A, B

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New Season

Fall 2014 Season

We are in the final week of our Spring season. I know the rest of the teams are anxiously waiting to start our new season. Any new team interested in joining us can contact either Jose or I for more information. We will be having major field issues this and next season. I don't know the final number of teams that we will be able to carry.
  Right now I am thinking about 32 teams. As of right now I expect first league meeting for the next season to take place on July 29 and our 1st 2014 Fall Season game on August 3.

Manager of the Year

Candidates for Manager of the Year

Danny Vasquez
Los Magueyes

Danny Vasquez lead the Magueyes to two league championships. He has the Magueyes on the verge of a third.

Max Andrade Sr.
So Cal Sox

Max Andrade Sr. has lead the So Cal Sox to two division titles. This season he lead his team to an 11-2-1 record.

Leland Dalby
Cucamonga Royals

Leland Dalby has lead his Royals to the TOP bracket championship. After last season he decided to move his team up to the AAA division on his own.


The Favorites

In the TOP Bracket, the favorites seem to have big advantages. I really can't see anything but a A's/Bruin final while the Royals can be a dangerous team I don't think they have enough gas to take the big trophy home.
  1st round update: I was wrong on both games. At least I did say the Royals had a chance. So we now are looking at a Cucamonga Royals/Upland Phillies. The Phillies swept the season series 2-0. The Phillies have to be favored but something tells me that it won't be easy.
1st round update: I was wrong on both games. At least I did the Royals were dangerous.
2nd round update: I favored the Phillies in the series so of course the Royals go and defeat the Phillies with a game winning single in the bottom of the ninth to win 5-4.

In the Middle Bracket, again the favorites seem to be ahead of everyone else. The biggest threat to a Diamondback/Detroit Tiger championship are the Washington Nationals.
  1st round update: all 4 top seeded teams advanced. The Diamondbacks and Detroit Tigers both looked really good again. So I guess my picks are still in play.
2nd round update: I favored the Diamondbacks and on queue they are back in the finals. The Creekside Grizzles upset the Detroit Tigers in a good game 9-6. So the Grizzles now face the #1 seeded Diamondbacks(14-2). Of course one of those losses was to the Grizzles. I expect the Diamondbacks to subdue the tough Grizzles in another great game.

In the Bottom Bracket, I see the defending champions Magueyes getting a chance to go for a three peat. Their opponent is not as easy to pick. It would be easy to say the #1 So Cal Sox will make it to the finals but I think the Frontier Rangers can give them all kinds of problems. I think the winner of the most likely 2nd round matchup of the Rangers/So Cal Sox will be the biggest threat to the Magueyes.
1st round update: The RC Dodgers were the only lower seeded team to advance. The Frontier Rangers couldn't get past the 1st round either. So now it means I think it will be a So Cal Sox/Magueye final.
2nd round update: I don't think the Titans know they weren't suppose to get far into the playoffs. They only sneaked into the playoffs because of a tie game by the Devils. The Titans will have another tough game if they want to surprise everyone and take their 3rd Aztec title. The Magueyes are no joke. They have won the last 2 championships in a row and have to be heavily favored to take their 3rd title.

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July 21, 2014

Next League meeting

July 22, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

Michael Angelo's Pizza Restaurant
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(909) 984-5161
Behind McDonald's


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