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   Wow We had some good games. It looks like all of the favorites advanced except in the TOP bracket. In the TOP bracket we had two upsets. I think this is what makes the playoffs so interesting. While I know everyone is anxious to get to the second round of the playoffs, but we now have to take another weekend off because of Memorial Weekend.
  I know the rest of our league is gearing up for our Summer season. As of right now it looks like our first game will be approximately June 18 or Fathers day. I expect alot of teams returning this season and space to be limited. Please make sure to let me know if you are planning to play this Summer season. For new teams interested in playing with us this upcoming season, please let us know asap to reserve a spot.


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League Leaders


1.   Mineros153
2.   Reds150
3.   Los Vaqueros137
4.   Dbacks134
5.   Ontario Royals132

1.   Calif Reds47
2.   Vaqueros67
3.   Cubs72
4.   Dbacks73
5.   So Cal Braves75
5.   Calif Angels75

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Playoff Results

1st Round

In the TOP Bracket the Cubs defeated the So Cal Braves 12-5 to upset the #1 seed. The Rays defeated the Toros 8-7. We now have our Championship series. The Cubs will face the Rays for all the marbles in the best of 3 series.

In the Middle Bracket the Ontario Royals defeated the Calif Angels 10-5. The Calif Reds upset the Yaquis 7-5. The So Cal Pirates defeated the Leones 11-6 to advance. Pacific Tires cruised to a 18-5 victory over the Leones.

In the Bottom Bracket the Dbacks defeated the Vaqueros 11-3 to advance to the Championship game. The Mineros pounded the SGV Titans 16-3.

Playoff rules

Rules in effect

Just as a reminder, the playoffs have some slightly different regular season rules. So just to make sure we are all on the same page here they are.

1. Playoff games are 9 inning games and do not have a time limit.
2. Teams will continue to play until there is a winner.
3. The Mercy rule is in effect for all playoff games.
4. Playoff umpire fees are $60 per team regardless of the number of umpires present.
5. Teams are responsible for proving league stamped baseballs for each playoff game.
6. Playoff games DO NOT HAVE ANY GRACE PERIOD to start the game.
7. The home team in the middle bracket is decided by a coin flip. In the TOP and Bottom bracket the home team is the higher seed. In the case of the best of 3, the higher seed is the home team on games 1 and 3.
8. Players rosters MUST INCLUDE PICTURE in order to be playoff eligible.


Robert's pics

As I do every playoff season, I make my fearless pics. These are just my thoughts, there is nothing malicious or sneaky. Just my thoughts. Nobody get butt hurt.

  In the TOP Bracket I think all four teams can end up as champions but if I have to pick this is what I see. In the first round I think the So Cal Braves will get past the very tough Cubs. The Toros will get past the Rays. In the finals, in a 3 game series, I think The So Cal Braves will somehow come out on top.
UPDATE: I did saay that I thought all 4 teams were evenly matched and any team could win it. With that said, Boy I got this bracket completely wrong.

 In the Middle Bracket I think the higher seeded Ontario Royals, So Cal Pirates, and Pacific Tires will advance to the 2nd round. I think the Calif Reds will upset the Yaquis in what should be a very good game.
  I think the top seeded Royals will get past the undefeated Reds and the So Cal Pirates will defeat Pacific Tires. In the Finals I have to go with the favorite Ontario Royals.
UPDATE: I nailed this bracket. I got all 4 teams right even got the Reds upset correct.

 In the Bottom Bracket I think The Dbacks and Mineros will get out of the 1st round and into the finals. In the Finals I have to think the Mineros top offense will find a way to come out on top and take the big trophy home.
UPDATE: I again nailed this bracket. I got both teams to advance.

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May 23, 2017

Next League meeting

June 6, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

Michael Angelo's Pizza Restaurant
2467 S. Euclid ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 984-5161
Behind McDonald's


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