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What the heck .....

  Again we come to the point in the season that the second half league fees are due. I hope we don't lose any teams but there always seems to be some teams unable to continue.
 I am trying to finalize our 2nd annual Turkey bowl tournament for Thanksgiving weekend. We would most likely play on Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes finalized.
  I removed the Free agent list as it was becoming kind of stale. If anyone would still like to try a few names, just text me.


"Success in life comes not from holding a good hand, but in playing a poor hand well."
"Anonymous "

League Leaders

Thru Game 7

1. Creekside Grizzlies 95
2. IE Marlins 87
2. Pericos 87
4. Tampa Bay Rays 81
5. Upland A's 79
6. Corona Reds 76
7. Pomona Aguilas 73
8. Los Rancheros 72
9. Twins 71
10. Scorpions 69

1. RC Dodgers 27
2. Creekside Grizzlies 29
3. Tigers 31
4. Upland A's 32
5. Twins 33
6. Upland Twins 34
7. Los Doyers 35
8. Pericos 36
9. Cucamonga Royals 37
10. Pacific Tires 40

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Teams with balances

Teams that still owe league fees

Teams that have a balance due for their second half, I hope to see you at our league meeting tomorrow. If you can't make it for any reason, please let us know asap. Teams that do not pay their balances will not have games scheduled this weekend.

Get Well Soon

Injured Upland A's Pitcher


I want to send out a Get well soon to Upland A's pitcher Andrew Villalobos who was hit by a line drive. He suffered a facial fracture and needed stitches to close the cut. I think this is any pitchers worse fear. I hope you recover quickly and come back soon. Good luck.

League Baseballs

Baseballs for the 2nd half

The last dozen baseballs will be handed out at out next league meeting. If you can't make the meeting, please send someone to pick up your baseballs. Of course only teams that have paid their league fees will be given their baseballs. Teams without league stamped baseballs, will be fined for each game the team does not have their league baseballs.

Playoff rosters

Playoff roster need pictures

We are getting closer and closer to the roster deadline. Remember that our playoff rosters are finalized after game 10. Any player added after game 10 will not be playoff eligible. In addition, any player must have a picture in order to play in the playoffs.

News and Events

September 29, 2014

Next League meeting

September 30, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

Michael Angelo's Pizza Restaurant
2467 S. Euclid ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 984-5161
Behind McDonald's


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