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What the heck .....

  Not really have much to write about since all we gotten is rain lately. The worst part is that I am looking at the forecast for next weekend and guess what? More rain. :(  I guess I can write about my lousy golf game. I didn't take up this game to seriously until a couple of years ago when I stopped playing baseball. Golf is very frustrating.
  Well I guess all I can add is try to stay dry. Lets see what happens next Sunday.


"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."

"Margaret Mead"

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Know before you go

Please sign up with "Rain out" to receive a text when games are cancelled. This app will allow us to send a mass text to all instead of trying to call every one. You will have to confirm with a reply. The link below sends you to the sign up page.Click here Join Aztec Baseball League text alerts on RainedOut The system will ask if you want to join a specific group. For now we are NOT using any groups.

Top Ranking teams

10 best Regular season teams

TOP Ranked Teams

 1.   NY Yaquis.991
 2.   Drillers.869
 3.   RC Dodgers.849
 4.   Bridge City Boozers.823
 5.   Dukes.821
 6.   Toronto Blue Jays.799
 7.   Cerveseros.794
 8.   Los Compas de Norco.780
 9.   Ontario Royals.747
10.   Durham Bulls.710

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Free Agents

Available Players

Luis Breceda
(909) 656-4431
P, If, OF
AA, A, B

James Mcintire
If, Of
(909) 851-1177

Alejandro Valdez
If, Of

Raymond Placenscia
(909) 996-1487

Freddie Martinez
(909) 520-2643
P, If, Of

Michael Drouillard
(909) 247-7348
P, If, Of

George Sanchez
(951) 400-3469
A, B
Santos Gonzalez

Eduardo Ballote
(909) 680-5572

Josh Park
If, OF
(714) 767-1205

P, If, OF

Christian Trujillo
If, OF

Dodger Spring Training

Preseason Phoenix

A friend of mine is making a trip to see the Dodgers play an exibition game on March 17 at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona. He drives a party bus and is planning a one day turn around to see the Dodgers play the Chicago White Sox.
  The cost is $89 which includes the ride up and back, the booze, and lawn tickets to the game. I think they plan on leaving from West Covina around 5:30am and returning same day around Midnight. Anyone interested, can call him at (626) 502-0300.


Robert's Pics

As tradition, here are my pics. Remember, no one get butt hurt.

In the TOP Bracket I think all three teams can take it all. They are so close to each other its tough to pick but here I go. I think the Reds will sneak past the Scorpions.

In the Middle Bracket I think the Ontario Royals will find a way to get to the finals and face the Drillers.

In the Bottom Bracket I see the RC Dodgers making it to the finals and face the Toronto Blue Jays.

Playoff rules

League Playoff rules

As most already know we have additional league rules for the playoffs. Here they are"

  Playoff games are 9 inning games and do not have a time limit.
  Teams will continue to play until there is a winner.
  The Mercy rule is in effect for all playoff games.
  Playoff umpire fees are $60 per team regardless of the number of umpires present.
  Teams are responsible for proving league stamped baseballs for each playoff game.
  Playoff games DO NOT HAVE ANY GRACE PERIOD to start the game.
  Unless otherwise noted, home teams are decided by a coin flip.
  Players on team rosters MUST INCLUDE PICTURE in order to be playoff eligible.

News and Events

March 10, 2018

Next League meeting

May 1, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m.

Michael Angelo's Pizza Restaurant
2467 S. Euclid ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 984-5161
Behind McDonald's


March 18, 2018   Round 1

   Extra Batter Rule    
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   Players Suspended



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