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What the heck .....

   The playoff races are starting to get interesting. There are quite a few very close races. I think these kind of races make the games even more fun to play. These last two games will be so important.
 I sure hope every helps us with our Texas Hold em tournament. I am hoping to get about 80 players. If we can get enough funds, I am thinking this will cover almost everything for this trip. So we can take as many players as we can, and not have to charge anybody any money.
 Playoff teams, please don't forget to make sure you have pics for all of your playoffs. They are required for the playoffs.


"What a terrible round of golf. I only hit two good balls all day and that was when I stepped on a rake in a bunker."

"Lee Trevino"

Charger Season Tickets

Season Tickets for sale

Tony of the NY Yaquis has purchased 4 season tickets for the LA Chargers. Any one interested in purchasing tickets to any game except the Raiders. (I got dibs) can call Tony at (626)209-6993.

Player Pics

Do I have your player pic?

One of the most common problems that I have is when teams call me to add a player to their roster and they insist that I already have the picture. The problem is that managers will send me a pic of a player. Lets say they tell me his name is Robert Hernandez. So I create a file named Robert Hernandez. Next season they have a "new" player named Bobby Hernandez. The system doesn't know that both players are the same.
  So in order to help, you will notice at the top of our website you see a tab called "Player Pics". Click on it and give a players First and/or Last name to see if I have the player pic. You can enter just a part of a last name or just a part of a first name. Once you find the player, you now know what pic I have and under what name.

League Leaders

After 12 games

TOP Ranked Teams

 1.   Ontario Royals.919 
 2.   Capulin.825 
 3.   Durham Bulls.814 
 3.   Expos.814 
 5.   Dukes.766 
 6.   So Cal Bombers.736 
 7.   Pericos.719 
 8.   Nopaleros.694 
 9.   Bridge City Boozers.664 
10.   Calif Reds.653 

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Road trip to Fresno

Texas Hold em Tournament

Get ready for our Texas hold em Tournament. We are holding a Texas hold em tournament at my house on October 14, 2017. The proceeds will go to our planned trip to Fresno. The pot will be a 50/50 split. I am hoping to get enough funds to pay for the van, hotel, and refreshments. The plan is for the players not having to pay for almost anything. So please support our tournament.


Winning/losing streaks

The So Cal Bombers are on a 10 game winning streak.
The Ontario Royals have won 6 in a row.
Los Compas Norco have won 6 straight.
The Calif Reds and Cyclones are on a modest 4 game winning streaks.

The Riverside Outlaws are on a 9 game losing streak.
The Alta Loma Dodgers and Los Doyers are winless in the last 9 games. (0-8-1)
The Upland Atletics have not won in the last 6 games.

Playof Races

2 games left

In the AAA division the 4 playoff teams are set. The only thing left to decide is the seeding. Seeding will determine who will have home field advantage. The Sun Devils only need to win one more game to clinch the division title. The Colt 45's, Quakes, and Scorpions are set to make the playoffs.
  In the AA division the Ontario Royals have clinched the AA Division title and will be the #1 seed. The other 3 spots are still up for grab. The So Cal Mariners are currently on the outside and will probably have two very tough games left vs Pacific Tires and the Ontario Royals. They must pretty much win the last two games to have a chance at the playoffs. The Calif Reds, Pacific Tires, and So Cal Braves can't fall asleep because they can still drop out of the playoffs.
  In the A division we have a 3 way tie for 1st place. The Durham Bulls, Boozers, and Cyclones hold identical 8-4 records. The last two games will determine not only the Division winner but the seeding. The last playoff spot will go to either the Rancheros or Chino Pacific unless the NY Yaquis can pull of a miracle and sneak by them. This division is so close that the next two games will tell us who is in and who is out.
  In the AB divisions the 3 divisions are very tight. In the AB West the Pericos and Mineros are in a battle for the division title and a playoff spot. The Pericos only have to win one more game to take the division title because they swept the season series vs the Mineros.
 In the AB East the Compas Norco hold a slim half game lead over Kekambas. They face each other this weekend. I would guess the winner will take the division title.
 In the AB Central the Vaqueros need only a win this weekend over the Dbacks to clinch the division title.
  In the B divisions the 3 divisions are also very tight. In the B West the So Cal Bombers are leading the Capulin team by a slim 1 game lead. These teams will face off in the last game of the season. If the Capulinos some how can't catch the Bombers, they are leading the wild card race and could get in as the Wild card team.
 In the B East division, the Upland Athletics are leading the division with a 4-8 record. On top of that, the Athletics have gone underground. They didn't show up for game 11 and didn't call in for game 12. If they do not contact us this week, they are out and Los Doyers take the division lead with a 2-9-1 record.
 In the B Central division the Dukes need to win one more game to take the division but they are schedule to face the tough Expos and Nopaleros.

News and Events

September 18, 2017

Next League meeting

October 3, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

Michael Angelo's Pizza Restaurant
2467 S. Euclid ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 984-5161
Behind McDonald's


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Extra Batter Rule
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Players Suspended


Team:Alta Loma Dodgers

Player:   Juan Manuel Unzueta
Duration:   1 game, Game 13
                  Arguing w/umpire

NOTE: Any team that plays a player on suspension will forfiet the game.

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