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What the heck .....

   We have Easter right around the corner. We are NOT PLAYING Easter Sunday.
 The weather looks like its gonna be really hot this weekend. Perfect weather for some baseball.
  Game 10 is scheduled for this week. All playoff roster are set as of Saturday night. Please check your rosters to make sure they are correct. Players without pictures are NOT ELIGIBLE for the playoffs. Get your player pics in.


"You need to have camaraderie in the clubhouse. Wherever you're working, be it a baseball team or at a business, you want to walk in there and say, 'Geez, it's great to be at work. Let's go get 'em,' as opposed to walking in there knowing there's going to be a commotion"

"Pat Gillick "


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League Leaders

Thru 9 games

1.   WC Scorpions113
1.   TB Rays111
3.   WC Knights103
4.   Upland Twins100
5.   Bandits  97

1.   Detroit Tigers30
2.   Rio Florido36
3.   Upland Twins39
4.   Cucamonga Astros40
5.   Pacific Tires41

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Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
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Unwritten rules

Beer leagues unwritten rules

1. Show up on time. Don't make the rest of the team wonder if we are gonna forfiet.

2. If you tell us your coming to the game, be a man and show up no matter what.

3. Pay your league fees. I don't care if you are a superstar. Pay your damn fees/ umpire money.

4. Don't bitch about playing time when you rarely show up and when you do you go 4 for 4. (Four errors and Four K's)

5. When using my bat/helment/glove, don't throw it in anger. It's not my stuffs fault you suck.

6. Don't even think about using my wood bat because if you break it, I'm gonna be really pissed off.

7. Don't get thrown out at the plate because you didn't slide because your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend won't wash your pants.

8. If you make an error, don't bitch about why you made the error. IE "The sun was in my eyes"/"I hurt my arm or whatever" Just accept it like a man and say I messed up or my bad.

9. Don't argue every damn call. We all know the blue sucks, hell you suck, and the league even sucks so just move on.

10. Finally, don't ask to borrow my cup/jock. Thats just gross.

New Free Agents

Players available

Valentin Cruz
909 957-2975

Nicholas Trejo-Torres
Div: A, AB, B

Danny Baiza
909 994-7927
Div AA,A,B


2nd Half

Games that will count for two

League rules state that if a game ends in a tie in the 1st half, the rematch game will count for two. These are the games I suspect will be replayed and will count for two.

Astros vs. Pomona Devils

Cucamonga Astros vs. So Cal Sox

Cucamonga Astros vs. Pericos

Pomona Devils vs. Upland Mets

IE Mariners vs. Detroit Tigers

Vaqueros vs. Ontario White Sox

So Cal Dodgers vs. Cucamonga Royals

WC Knights vs. Mira Loma Dodgers

These games in the second half will count for two games.

News and Events

March 25, 2015

Next League meeting

April 7, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.

Michael Angelo's Pizza Restaurant
2467 S. Euclid ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 984-5161
Behind McDonald's


March 29 2015 Game 10

Free Agents
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Players Suspended


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